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"Let's Go Swimming"

Founded:  June 3, 2002

Founder:  Ureka Burnett


We offer group lessons for tots, youth, adults, & seniors at the beginner, intermediate, and endurance levels, as well as private lessons for those who prefer or need individual attention.  Private swim lessons are design for  one-on-one swim training experiences that give the new student the maximum opportunity to quickly learn basic swim skills and gain quick insight on skill technique development.

Private swim lessons are also the perfect way for conquering fear and learning to safely enjoy the water.   We also offer Private Group Swim Class up to  5 students per group.

















Our staff is dedicated to bringing you and your family the best results in the water.


If you are interested in scheduling private lessons please call [email protected] (404)444-4684

and we will help you find an instructor, day, and time that is right for you!

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30 minutes of classes


1 Student $150 for 4 lessons____________________



2 Student $240 for 4 lessons____________________



3 Student $300 for 4 lessons_____________________



4 Student $320 for 4 lessons_____________________



5 Student $330 for 4 lessons_________________